Shandra Thomas

Shandra Thomas is a Food Blogger and Founder of The Adventurous Foodie and Shandra's Food Adventures.

Shandra Thomas is a food blogger and founder of "The Adventurous Foodie" and "Shandra's Food Adventures." You can visit both websites at and is a website all about faith, fashion, food, fitness, and the inspiration to dream BIG inspired by "The Shandra Thomas Show." You can listen to the Shandra Thomas Show on above. 

The goal of this website is to be interactive and be an encourager to people of all ages, races, creed, and religion. We'll dive into the Word of God as well as quote scriptures for encouragement. Plus we'll have real conversations about our world, fashion, fitness, and my favorite thing, food. Secondly, to encourage each other through good and bad times, we will talk here.

Thank you for visiting and our prayer is that you come back and visit again. You are more than welcome here. You are valued and cared for. Be strong and safe. Let this website bless you in a huge way. God Bless You!!