• Shandra Thomas

Act as if God is Blessing You

God Bless You! I pray that you are enjoying your day thus far. On this title, the word "Blessing" is purposely capitalized because our God is that excellent. I'm not going to say that God is good because that would be an understatement. But God is Excellent! Yes, that's right God is Excellent because is the King of all the earth. If you want God to bless you, clean up your house, exercise, be nice to people, and watch how He intervenes in your situation.

It all started early this morning. And I received calls and emails from different jobs and scheduled interviews for various different companies. But here is the catch; I have to prepare for my blessing. Hosea 4:6 a reads, "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge." People, it's important to act as if God has blessed you because he always blessed us regardless, but we got to do our part to participate.

My prayer is that you have a Blessed and Wonderful day in Jesus' Name!

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