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Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Welcome to the Shandra Thomas Community. We’re here to encourage and engage with you for the love of food, fun, faith, and fashion. This community is the type that interacts with like minded friends who are persistent in achieving their goals and dreams like starting a business, going back to school to get a degree, give birth to your first child, and writing that book you’ve been putting off.

As A Community How Can We Support Each Other?

By holding each other accountable. As a member of the Shandra Thomas Community it is our responsibility to ensure one another to stay focused on the things we desire to get accomplished. For example, creating vision boards and journaling on a daily basis.

Tips to stop procrastinating on your dreams.

Procrastination is addictive, especially when it comes to achieving your goals. When you have a burning desire to do what you dream of procrastination should be the last thing on your mind. For myself I always wanted to obtain a driver‘s license so in order to do that and achieve my other goals what are some ways to help me get focused? Let’s make a list below!

Here are Five Ways:

  1. Pray and read the Word of God.

  2. Journal every morning.

  3. Create a vision board.

  4. Find an accountability partner whether a friend, neighbor, relative, or co-worker.

  5. Take Action.

Go out right now and take action now!!!!

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