Have it you ever been exhausted? I mean being at your wits end. We’ve all been there a time or two. For myself there have been days when I just don’t want to deal with anyone or anything. Like daily spam calls or people nagging at you up and down or if we’re honest, stirring at our phones all day.

Just Being Truthful

Let‘s get to the truth right now: I’m writing this article very exhausted and it is now 10:16 p.m. Central Standard Time. I honestly had a long day today. Was going to go to yoga class but find myself extremely exhausted. What’s more, is that I’m so exhausted, I almost dozed off the minute of writing this blog.

Discipline Yourself To Get Rest

Did you know that oftentimes our minds can get so restless that we forget that we’re ever tired. We also allow as I mentioned earlier our phones (technology really) can really get in the way of our rest. The only solution is turn your brain off and everything else around you. Close your eyes, turn on meditation music and just relax!!

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