You Call It What You Speak

Be careful when you call things to be negative in your life because the words that are spoken will become a reality.


For example, you speak ”my relationship or marriage will not last,” then guess what you will split up with that person before the end of the year. Oh here’s another one, “I’m not going to get that promotion.” And then what happened next? You were passed over!

People we really have to be careful with what we feed in our situations be nine times out of ten it’s going to happen and we will later regret our words. Did you know that our tongues are so powerful? You reap what you sow according to the Bible.

Moving forward in our everyday lives we need to speak positive affirmations and not death. Why? Because the only way to succeed in life is to speak positive and that’s healing to your mind, body, and spirit! God Bless You!!

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